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We’re Lucia, Matt and Persephone and we run fun, energetic, educational music classes for 0 – 5 year olds every weekday.

You can watch our online classes on our Facebook page @minimusicmakers live at 10am or catch up later via Facebook or YouTube.

Our face to face classes are on Monday mornings at One Garden Brighton. You can find out more and book your space HERE!

  • Led by professional musicians
  • Singing, listening time, and live instrumental accompaniment
  • Captivating scenery, props, puppets and costumes
  • We make learning fun
  • Variety of classic children’s songs and original, catchy compositions 

Our classes are carefully planned to promote musical, developmental and educational skills, while staying light hearted and fun. They provide positive screen time, and instil a love of music in children and their families, making it a natural part of daily life. 

 We are also currently running ‘Learn and Laugh’ classes every Friday morning; Key Stage One (4 – 6 year olds) music classes which include key points of the national curriculum, covered in engaging, creative and interactive ways! These sessions are still suitable for our usual younger viewers! 

Our Musical Beginnings classes are great for parents/carers and their 0-6 month olds to help with bonding, communication and listening skills! 👶 They include baby massage, tummy time, tracking and peekaboo songs, as well as nursery rhymes and a lullaby. Check them out on YouTube HERE or on our Facebook page.

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Payment for classes is optional. But with the present and future for musicians looking dire, this is our only source of income for the foreseeable future, so if you enjoy our classes, please consider making a payment towards them – however small or big!

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