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Our Classes

Lucia founded Mini Music Makers in 2012 and has since roped in her husband, Matt, and together with their spirited toddler, Persephone, they create classes of high-quality music, using different instruments and styles of music.

The unique vibe of Mini Music Makers is a result of the combined skillsets of Lucia and Matt; Lucia’s knowledge and expertise in early years music, Matt’s performing experience and skill as a classical singer and guitarist, and their sense of fun and creativeness.


The classes follow a thought-through structure of hello and warm up songs, a balance of well known songs and Lucia and Matt’s own compositions, listening time, songs to play instruments to, and goodbye songs. ‘Listening Time’ is a moment of calm; a chance for children and their families to relax and enjoy a performance of a folk song, lullaby, jazz standard or something more classical.

Matt and Lucia’s own music is fun and engaging, often drawing on their mutual love of animals, and recorded in a variety of styles with different instruments, by high quality professional musicians.

Every Monday there is a special themed class with scenery, costumes and props. Families are encouraged to use the theme as inspiration for activities at home.